Boba Mania

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Boba. Also known as tapioca, bubble tea, etc. etc. But no matter because this will ultimately be my downfall. This sugary drink, originally from Taiwan, has become my latest obsession and I’m not the only one. Almost everyday, various clubs at my school would sell boba as a fundraiser and would be sold out within minutes (some sell about 300 cups). Just seeing someone drink boba milk tea, my mouth begins to water. (Now that I’m thinking about it, my mouth is watering just by writing this post.) My obsession has reached the extent where my parents shake their head and wonder why I love this drink, after all– it’s sugar. But lovers like me understand me 100%. I have even tried to DIY boba milk tea and it turned out amazingly delicious.

Here’s the basic materials that I used:

  • Tapioca pearls (You can probably find them at any Asian grocery store)
  • Condensed Milk
  • Sugar
  • Tea (Use any tea that you like. I have tried both black tea and jasmine green tea and both turned out delicious.)

First, follow the directions to make the tapioca pearls according to the pack it came in. Then, boil the water and steep the tea to your preference. I let the tea cool to room temperature and then added about 2 teaspoons of condensed milk and 4 teaspoons of sugar per teapot. But these measurements are really up to you because if you are like me, I like the taste of tea more than milk and less sugar. Mix everything together, put in the boba and straw, and enjoy! 🙂 Most of these directions are pretty vague because it’s really up to your personal preference.

Some of my favorite boba stores:

  • 7 Leaves Cafe (The Jasmine Milk Tea with boba is my favorite)


  • Class 302 (There are little self-serve machines and really cute cups. A bonus is that there is a small restaurant where they serve Taiwanese food in cute school-house style.)



So what is your favorite food/drink? Also let me know what is your favorite boba drink. Mine is still the ever-classic boba milk tea.

❤ Grape

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