Saturday On Wednesday Tag

Guys, this is our first tag ever and I’m suuppppeerrr excitted!! Thanks Saturday on Wednesday for nominating us! ❤ Make sure to check her out! She explains the reasoning behind the name of the tag on her post. 🙂


Since we have 2 people working on this blog, we’ve decided to each answer the question. The Grape will be in purple. The Albino Pigeon will be in black. Enjoy!


The Rules are simple:

  • Post this on your blog
  • Answer the questions
  • Have fun (not an optional one)
  • Nominate anywhere between 2-20 bloggers for the same questions
  • Have fun!



Google your name and copy-paste the first image that comes up.

Courtesy of Wikipedia. After all, I am the Grape.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 1.36.10 PM.png

Courtesy of GoogleImages I give you The Albino Pigeon (I’m really quite beautiful :D)


A picture of your favorite meal that makes you happy.

In case you couldn’t already tell from my last post, I reallllyyy like boba (even though it’s technically not a meal but semantics right?)

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 10.27.42 AM.png

My family and friends went to New York and D.C. ShakeShack was sooo good. I can not decide between In N Out and Shake Shack. 🙂


Post your favorite silly animal photo.

I just googled “funny panda pictures” and this came up. And since I just can’t decide, I chose two pictures. 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 10.11.10 AM.png  Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 1.37.48 PM

This dog is too much… too much

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 9.21.56 PM.png


A silly selfie (if you’re comfortable with that)

Well since I am the Grape… (Warning: Explicit Content jkjk)

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 1.38.34 PM.png

Joke’s on them… I was right side up


A picture of your favorite sunglasses

Okay so lately I’ve been obsessed with rose gold and even though I don’t have these sunglasses, I’ve been meaning to get them.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 1.39.14 PM.png

My absolute favorite pair of sunglasses. It hides all the dark circles and squinty asian eyes. Plus I look super fierce even when I’m super tired. 


A picture of an object in your house/flat that always makes you smile

Besides my family, probably my laptop (I know I know, so materialistic) but it’s where I can connect with you guys! 🙂 But it was also a tough decision between my bed and my laptop.


What was the last picture you took with your phone.

This just proves that I’m a student. So I took a picture of my Calculus textbook before returning it so I could send it to my friend. Boring…I know.


Sooo I was watching a hand lettering challenge by MoreWongFu

So obviously I had to try it on my own, hence the saved image from the internet.


A joke that you’ve heard recently that made you giggle (or googled just now, still counts)?

Pretty sure this applies for me and the Albino Pigeon. Context: So we were with a group of friends talking about jokes and then one of our friends was like “Guys, I heard this joke and it’s the funniest thing in the world but no one else laughed with me.” Here’s the joke:

What do you call an alligator in a vest…. An investigator (hahhahahah) 🙂

What’s your go to pick-me-up phrase when you are feeling down?

I only have *blank*blank days until the weekend/holiday. (I know I know this isn’t really helpful but it’s what gets me through bad days) I also say “I can do this” (but I look really weird when I’m just muttering under my breath.)

the more I know about people.png

Your happy song?

When I’m happy and sad, I listen to the same music so… this isn’t really an upbeat happy song but I listen to it when I’m happy…confusing… “Unsteady” by X Ambassadors.

My happy song is “Surfin’ USA” by Beach Boys

Your quirk that makes other smile?

I have extremely slow reflexes and since my friends and I like to play games like Egyptian Rat Slap (mostly my friends though), I lose so badly that it makes other smile.

The people I meet always say I say funny words. It kinda makes sense but I blame the people I hang out with I say stuff like “nah bra” or “hit me up bra”(for the last one it’s always for food). 🙂

What’s on your favorite mug?

My favorite mug used to be a Yosemite cup with my name (my actual name) on it but then I may of kind of accidentally cracked it so now I use this cute mug:


Oh yea, if you haven’t quite figured it out yet, the Grape and Albino Pigeon are sisters so that explains why we have the same cup and so many similar things.

My favorite mug is this Yosemite cup. Not because it’s super pretty or cut but because of all the memories of the fun family times at Yosemite.


What’s the first happy memory that comes to mind?

This I had to think about for a while. Isn’t it strange that happy memories are quickly overridden by bad memories? I think my first happy memory was whenever I would go to the park and play this game with my friends. Basically the ground was lava and if you touched it, then you would lose. To make it more interesting, there was a lava monster to chase everyone around.

My first happy memory that comes to mind is sitting on the swings with my sister while eating these sweets that my mom used to give us when we started whining (we were like 5ish years old). It was super fun and seeing the sweets again always brings back fond memories 🙂

What’s your favorite way of cheering others up?

Normally, if someone is having a bad day, I let them talk about it but I don’t think it’s good to wallow in your miseries so…. I normally just try to crack a few terrible jokes.

I just make a fool of myself. It’s actually quite easy considering I usually embarrass my self. If all else fails I just recount a super embarrassing moment.

What’s your favorite funny website?

I just realized that I don’t go on many websites but I guess Google? Because that opens the gateway to so many random searches (like my ‘funny panda pictures’ search)

Usually I kinda just go on YouTube and watch NigaHiga or Superwoman. They always make me crack up.

Do you know your heritage? IF so, what is it?

Both of my parents are Chinese so that makes me a Chinese-American. (same)

Best compliment you have received?

This one is probably really strange too. It was when someone asked me what sport I played and I said that I used to swim and then they said that I looked like a swimmer. Normally, I’m the studious girl so hearing someone say that made me really happy.

The best compliment I received was you look like a dancer. I used to swim so I have super broad shoulders. In dance you literally stare at yourself in the mirror in order to know what you’re doing right and wrong. It is of utmost importance. As a byproduct, you compare yourself to other dancers which can sometimes be the worst thing you can do and sometime the best way to improve.

What are your favorite pizza toppings?

This may sound really weird and gross but sausage and mushroom has been my favorite for years now.

My favorite pizza toppings are from this dollar pizza store in New York. This sounds really weird but I like the eggplant and mozzarella pizza. It sounds disgusting but it tasted super good. I actually had no idea what the toppings were and I chose it because it looked good. Turns out it tasted really good.

Ok now onto our nominations:







❤ Grape and the Albino Pigeon

3 thoughts on “Saturday On Wednesday Tag

  1. This is such an amazing post! It made me smile and gave this warm feeling at the same time. Absolutely love all the answers, especially the funny animals. Never enough! Also so envious of that handwriting! I wish I could pull that off. I love NigaHiga too, do you watch Hannah Hart? I adore her.
    Thank you so much for responding this was an absolute pleasure to read and to stray to get to know you xxx
    P.S sorry if there are mistakes I am struggling to type as my cat keeps running and knocking my phone off. It’s the morning cuddle time.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you so much my lovely! I am so late as I just saw your comment now on the nomination.. arghhh!
    Thanks again sweet and I’ll give s shout out (I plan to do one just before Christmas) and will include you on the list! 😘 xx

    Liked by 1 person

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