Oregon was a rugged beauty that offered countless adventures. The trails offered a wonderful exercise and adventure as opposed to the mellow days wasted in bed on a resort. We stayed in a beautiful 4-bedroom and 3-bathroom apartment with a kitchen, dining countertop, dining table, and sitting area. It was SUPER FREAKING AWESOME. The kids and the adults had their own areas. There was enough … Continue reading Oregon

When it rains in September

1.Denial So it’s September. You know still summer. I can still wear my cute shorts and sandals. Of course. Today will be sunny. Then I open the window and realize today is overcast and grey. That’s okay, I can just wear a light jacket right? Nope, it starts raining. But, that’s okay because it’s just a light drizzle, no need for and umbrella at all. … Continue reading When it rains in September