My Little House

my little house on the side of the road with my room bursting to the seams with energy the energy of only a child of youth could have the type that floats on wings unweighted by worries and cares instead of the chains of society “Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains” … More My Little House


Oregon was a rugged beauty that offered countless adventures. The trails offered a wonderful exercise and adventure as opposed to the mellow days wasted in bed on a resort. We stayed in a beautiful 4-bedroom and 3-bathroom apartment with a kitchen, dining countertop, dining table, and sitting area. It was SUPER FREAKING AWESOME. The kids … More Oregon

Reverse Reverse

Reverse Reverse There’s probably plenty of studies and psychology experiments on this but this has been a question (hypothesis maybe? Not question) I’ve been spinning in my head today:   So a dramatic (not really, actually not dramatic at all) backstory… Since I was in elementary school, I would try to stay away from the … More Reverse Reverse


It feels so long since I have actually posted. Now onto my rant. I was basically inspired to write this post today. Here’s the story. For this class, if we attend this seminar, we can get extra credit. But at the event, you have to take a selfie with either the speaker or the presentation slide … More #AwkwardSelfie


This is me getting distracted when I changed my calendar from August to September. Yay for the fall season🎃🍁💛! I can’t wait to bring out all the warm sweaters and boots. But probably not anytime soon cuz Southern California still kinda feels like summer 🙂  

The Dreaded Start

Wednesday, September 21 is the official last day of summer. For me summer seems to end when school starts and it seems to start when school ends. But when you add summer school to the mix, my summer shrinks to a little little tiny frame of time. For me it feels like summer is over. … More The Dreaded Start